Selection List of Refresher Course in Information Communication Technology Application


Selection List of Refresher Course in Information Communication Technology Application (ID) (for all subjects) (03/10/2018 to 26/10/2018)


  1. Certificate will be awarded only on successful completion of the Course. Attendance in all classes of the course is compulsory. The UGC-HRDC may disallow or withheld certificate on valid reasons including shortage of attendance and failure of MRP./Seminar Copy submission within given date/irregular & non-punctual attendance.
  2. Non-Submission of Feedback Reports of Courses held at this UGC-HRDC will lead to disqualification.
  3. In any case, the minimum number of participants (registered for a course) should not be less than 30; otherwise the course would be either postponed or rescheduled or withdrawn.
  4. Every participant is requested to bring his / her own laptop for the course.
  5. Selected participants are requested to submit Xerox copy of first page of their bank passbook.
  6. Selected participants are requested to submit copy of appointment order to the office.
  7. The teachers of colleges that do not yet come within the purview of Section 12(B), but have been affiliated to a University for at least two years, will be permitted to participate in the programmes/courses. However, they won’t be paid TA.
  8. Only Those teachers whose college come within the purview of Section 2(F) & 12(B) will be paid TA. 
  9. No DA will be paid to the participants. Accommodation Facility will be provided to the participants at UGC-HRDC Guest House. However the participants have to pay the charges of accommodation as per rule.
  10. No Separate Letter of Selection will be sent to the Participant/Principal. Consider this List as a proof of your Selection.
  11. Registration for the course will take place at UGC-HRDC Office on 03/10/2018 between 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.  Waiting Participants will be given preference if selected participants fail to join the course.  Waiting List Participants can contact between 12:30 P.M to 1:30 P.M on 03/10/2018.

Sr. No.

            Name of Selected Candidates
                          Out-of-State Participants
01 Vinodkumar Hanmappa H
02 Dr.  Prakash  B. Waghmare
                         Within State Participants
01 Anita   M. Malge
02 Dr. Sachin  J. Shastri
03 Abdulquadir   Abidali  Chaudhary
04 Tanay  P. Gode
05 Sunil  M. Labde
06 Yogesh  M.  Pharkade
07 Savita  B. Chiwande
08 Jitendra  R. Dange
09 Sarika  V. Kedar
10 Parag  R.  Kawley
11 Ajit  B. Patil
12 Dinesh M.  Dhage
13 Sandeep M.  Hadole
14 Nirajkumar  D. Ambhore
15 Yogesh  A. Chaudhari
16 Gokul  M. Bhagat
17 Ramesh  D. Gangthade
18 Umesh S. Kurhade
19 Virendrakumar  L. Barde
20 Vibhavari B. Hate
21 Sopan  D.  Ingole
22 Prashant  N. Kamble
23 Raosaheb  P.  Ingle
24 Anita  J.  Chavan
25 Sanjay  M. Reddy
26 Avinash  S. Shete
27 Ganesh  D. Tambatkar
28 Vikas  T. Adlok
                            Wait-listed Participants
01 Prabhakar  S. Mohe
02 Goldie  K. Jambhulkar
03 Dipak K. Raut
04 Sudhir  B. Sangole
05 Harshal  R. Nimbhorkar
06 Prashant  S. Thakare
07 Rahul  B. Barabde
08 Ravindra  N.  Chikhale
09 Suraj  K. Rodde
10 Pradeep  P. Thakare
11 Jayashree  A. Sakalkale
12 Dr Rajabhau  V. Bajad
13 Avinash  V. Thote
14 Eknath  Nirapure
15 Haridas  J.  Kharat