If you’re looking to get laid it can be difficult to find an adult dating website you believe is legit and is going to get you the matches your looking for. There are hundreds and thousands of dating sites online and it’s often difficult and costly to go through all of them just in search of one that’s working for you.

Newer to the online dating scene is a site called The site was founded in 2003. website is said to target people seeking sexy relationships in a sexy community.

But, will they make it through? Or, will you be just wasting your time, money and effort by joining?

If you’re curious as to the effectiveness of, then this review is for you.

The Bottom Line: TL;DR Need to catch up on this review? No problem! The reality is that this site may work, but it’s not my favorite dating network. If you’re looking for the absolute best network I suggest using to meet singles who are looking for sexual relations and nothing else. Give this network here a start before all other about it sofiadate reviews from Our Articles

In Search of Singles Who Make First Impressions

It’s not clear why, but website designers for sexually-motivated dating sites often use the same layouts, colors and overall appearance in the creation of these sites. We all know what I’m speaking about: the black and red color scheme, the tiny devil-horned love hearts, half- to full-on-naked women that are splashed everywhere on the page hoping to draw you in. is refreshingly different. The site doesn’t shout “Join Now and Get Laid” and instead, keep things more demure…at most, at. The landing page is white, blue, pink, and has beautiful women, but other than that, it’s boring.

Do I need to be registered?

Yep, you’re going to have to register to look on This isn’t new, every dating site nowadays requires registration required prior to accessing the offerings. This is fortunately, quite simple and quick.

You’ll first need to give some basic information regarding yourself, including an account name, password, gender, what you’re searching for as well as your ZIP code in order to match you with locals. After you’ve done this, you’ll be sent an email confirmation. Just hit the link and you’re on the way to joining.

How Do I Search on

The great thing about is that there aren’t huge biographies or questions to answer.

They like keeping things brief and simple, that includes basic information as well as thumbnail images so that it is clear who you are likely to get a connection with.

Also, you can conduct an internet search to find that ideal partner for you, however that feature is a bit more restricted to factors like age, hair colour and the type of body.

Site Features

Whether you’ve used a dating site before, or not, makes it easy to use their site and they offer up some great features for their members.

These include:

  •  Chatting – Chatting is how you get the ball rolling and makes it easy and fun to chat to potential matches. In addition, it is possible to share stickers or upload photos of yourself or use the conversation starters that this site has developed if you’re not quite sure how to begin.

  •  Match Game This is this type of thing on other dating websites in which you view the photos of your fellow members and you decide if “like” them or if they’re an “X” within your mind. This lets the site know more about what you are on, which improves the recommendations to you. It’s an ideal method to fill an hour of your time when you’re bored.

  •  Visitors – If you’re a paid member, you’ll be able to see who has visited your profile.

If you’re looking for more features, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to a paid membership.

What is the cost of the site?

Before you choose an annual membership that is paid for I suggest it is free to join. It provides you with a basic understanding of the website and its members . After that, you’ll be able to choose whether to upgrade. If you decide to upgrade, here’s how much it will cost you:

  •  Silver Membership-$12.95 billed monthly

  •  Gold Membership-$10.95/month billed quarterly

  •  Platinum Membership-$8.95/month billed semi-annually

After upgrading your membership, you’ll be able to enjoy other benefits, including:

  •  Access to unlimited access My Favorites

  •  Access to media galleries

  •  Visitor information

If you’re only interested in chat, it is possible to consider purchasing credits. The price for credits is:

  •  5 credits-$4.99

  •  10 credits-$14.99

  •  25 credits-$34.99

  •  50 credits-$64.99

  •  100 credits-$119.99

  •  200 credits-$199.99

None of these payment plans will automatically renew like a membership, but instead it’ll be made like a normal purchase, and you’ll be required to purchase more.

Honestly, the best way to go with is to get an upgraded, paid membership. This gives you the best access to the site and the women who are using it, which is our goal. accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB as payment.

Pros and Cons. Cons of Searching for Singles

Every dating site has its good and its bad points, including If you’re searching for a relationship site, you’ll want to find one with more positives than negatives. Here are the pros and cons of using


  •  Live-chatting

  •  Easy to make

  •  Many members

  •  Secure and anti-scam

  •  Quality profiles

  •  Well-established

  •  Private profiles


  •  There isn’t a mobile app for it.

  •  No identity verification

  •  No payment methods that are anonymous

  •  We cannot report fake or spam accounts.

Here is something I want to disclose because I want you to know all there is about before you join. The site includes one (of many but not the only) dating site which uses fake profiles that were created from the corporation. A lot of other dating sites do the same thing and it’s all mentioned in their terms of service.

There are various reasons that dating sites make this happen-primarily for the purpose of keeping members in contact and on the site. This is perfectly legal so in the event that it’s clearly stated. No matter if you aren’t aware of the terms of the service. It’s still there. You’ll learn pretty quickly how these profiles appear (they are all beautiful and talk in a similar way, they never can meet you, etc.) They aren’t worth your time and look for the genuine profiles.

The Final Verdict on

We live in an age where there’s more dating sites online than ever. It’s a blessing in that aspect! There are so many choices, is this truly worth signing up for? Is it one of the websites you’d prefer to stay clear of?

I would say that is an adult dating site that you should definitely check out. They’re reasonably priced, easy for users to navigate, have numerous members, and are reputable and up to date to the time for modern day dater. I keep this in my collection and think you should try it out, especially for those situations when you need one-minute, “wham, bam, thank you , ma’am” type of meeting.