Accommodation and payment of T.A/D.A charges to the Participants:

The hostel type accommodation for the stay of out-station participants will be  made available  at the University Campus at Valuer’s  Hostel.

As per UGC norms, out-station participants are paid T.A/D.A as per UGC Guidelines. The local participants are paid hospitality charges only.

There is a large playground for playing games, swimming pool etc. for spending leisure time on the University campus.

The class room is well equipped with recent technology equipments e.g.  DLP Projector, Amplifier and Microphone arrangements, Interactive Board, Elmo, Dish T.V, Computers and other audio- visual teaching aids.

Computer Network Centre :

From the Financial Grant Received from UGC for Computer Lab facilities, the UGC – HRDC has established a well equipped “Computer Network Centre” providing Broadband Internet Facility.

Study Material :

HRDC provides the participants with study material in the form of compendium of the Lectures delivered by Resource persons invited for the respective courses in the form of Soft copy as well as Hard copy.

Library :

The UGC – HRDC has its own Library containing Books and Journals. The University library is at a walking distance from HRDC building where large number of Books and Journals are available. The Participants are also permitted to  make the  use of the University Library.