Reforms Undertaken in past two years

  1. The HRDC planned modular Refresher Courses whenever possible with  shorter and longer duration
  2. More emphasis is given to interactive and activity oriented courses.
  3. Compulsion of Orientation/Refresher Courses for teachers of all categories including those from self financing colleges.
  4. Planning of Short Term Courses for teachers, who have already completed their Orientation/Refresher Courses for upgrading their current knowledge, new ICT techniques, innovative methods for advanced teaching.
  5. Planning of Short Term Courses for Administrative officers and Non-Teaching Staff of various departments and organizations.
  6. Reforms in teaching and learning system through the use of use of computer technology, World Wide Web technology, Internet, Network Technology and other technical equipments such as projection system, Smart Boards, Wireless Transmission, use of Bluetooth Applications and i-pods in the classroom have been implemented to sustain high quality performance in their classroom teaching and encourage them to pursue life-long learning which is vital to their academic development.
  7. ASC provide the participants with study material in the form of compendium of the Lectures delivered by Resource persons invited for the respective courses in the form of Soft copy as well as Hard copy. Also e-books, e-journals and educational videos are also provided to the participants.
  8. The HRDC cater to the needs of teachers and academic administrators of the colleges/universities as decided by the UGC from time to time.
  9. The teachers are taught with the ideologies of teaching profession, they were make aware about the latest trends in subject areas as well as techniques of Institutional and Department planning and Self Development which inculcate in them the right kind of values that would in turn encourage them to take initiatives for innovative and creative work.