Online Selection List For Short Term Course on Disaster Management : 27.12.21 to 01.01.22



Online Selection List For Short Term Course on Disaster Management : 27.12.21 to 01.01.22

Instructions for Teacher Participants for Online Courses
1. Attendance in all sessions is mandatory. A certificate will not be awarded to those
participants who fails to complete required contact working hours.
2. The HRDC will held certificate for non – submissions of assignments, feedbacks and
other relevant assessment as directed by course coordinator.
3. The teacher participant must have a Laptop and/or Desktop Computer with good internet
connection. Merely using mobiles phones for online courses will not be allowed.
4. Download Google Meet/Jio Meet/Zoom Meeting app in your Laptop and/or Desktop
Computer and sign with your Google account. For the proctored assessment
Testmoz/Google Classrrom/Google Forms/Socrative tool will be used.
5. Go to the Settings – profile page and set up your profile. Use your official name as per
your application. Set a profile picture. This is essential to mark your attendance in the
live sessions.
6. There shall be an active Whats app group for sharing information/instructions regarding
programme/course, daily and/or weekly schedule, resource/reading material,
announcements of proctored assessments, links, etc. The group shall consist of selected
teacher participants for respective programme/course, course coordinator of respective
course, resource persons and some of the officials of HRDC. The teacher participant shall
add in this group during the programme/course.
7. When switching to online classes, you have many adjustments to make—including
learning how to navigate a virtual classroom. Following these etiquettes can help you to
adapt smoothly and avoid embarrassment or misunderstandings.

a. It’s important that participants be prepared and joined before 15 minutes of the live
session. Please download the necessary software and connect all devices like
microphones or laptops before the session begins.
b. While participating in online discussions, keep your answers short and on-topic.
Make sure you know how to raise “virtual hands” and wait to be recognized when
responding to a question or comment.
c. Before a live session begins, make sure you eliminate environmental distractions that
may divert your attention away from learning viz. minimize background noise by
turning off the TV and radio, off cell phones for avoiding multitasking work, mute
your microphones unless you are speaking, etc.
d. Remember the resource persons and other participants will be able to see you,so pay
close attention and focus on the classroom conversation and activities. Take notes on
the information presented. Ask relevant questions to clarify the material covered or
assignments given. Not join side-line chats with other participants when the resource
person is speaking.
e. Adjust your work setup so that you face a window or are exposed to plenty of light
and make sure your background is professional and work appropriate.
f. Though you may be comfortable with using and reading common acronyms such as
LOL (laugh out loud) and TTYL (talk to you later), not all users are as familiar with
these abbreviations. Spelling things out will help to avoid confusion and
misunderstandings with resource person and other participants.

8.No Separate Letter of Selection will be sent to the Participant/Principal. Consider this List as a proof of your Selection.

Sr. No. Name of Selected Participants 
 1 DR  Vijay  Murlidhar  Gawande
Smt Savitabai U Deshmukh College, Digras
2 DR  Vasant  Namdeo  Borkar
Nowrosjee Wadia College, 19, Late Principal V.K. Joag Path Pune-411001. (India)
3 DR  Ashwin  Prabhakarrao  Pachkawade
Rajarshee Shahu Science College, Chandur Railway
4 DR  Yogesh  Dnyaneshwar  Akhare
Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya, C K NAIDU ROAD CAMP AMRAVATI
5 MR  Dnyaneshwar  Damodhar  Warange
G S Tompe Arts Commerce & Science College Chandur Bazar
6 MR  Dr Ajit  Jayant  Bhise
G S Tompe Arts Commerce & Science College Chandur Bazar
7 MR  Gajanan  Bhagawanrao  Mane
Shivshakt Arts and Commerce College, Babhulgaon. Dist. Yavatmal.
8 PROF  Goldie  Kishor  Jambhulkar
Smt. Savitabai Uttamrao Deshmukh College Digras
9 DR  Savita  Dinkar  Thakare
Matoshree Vimalabai Deshmukh Mahavidyalaya Amravati, Rural Campus, Amravati
10 DR  Madhuri  Pravin  Chikhalkar
Shrimati Narsamma Arts, Commerce and Science College, Kiran Nagar, Amravati.
Smt Savitabai U Deshmukh College Digras
12 DR  Gajanan  Santoshrao  Kubade
Matoshri Shantabai Gote Arts, Commerce & Science college Washim
14 DR  Sanjay  Maruti  Patil
Dadasaheb Jotiram Gode Arts & Commerce College, Vaduj Tal. Khatav
15 MR  Rahul  Kashinathrao  Ekbote
Amolakchand Mavidyalaya, Yavatmal
Madhukarrao Pawar Art’s college ,Murtizapur
18 Anisoddin Gaysoddin Syed
Smt. Savitabai Uttamrao Deshmukh College Digras
19 DR  Dipali  Raosaheb  Deshmukh
Smt.P. D. Patil College of Social Work,Khadki, Akola
Smt Radhabai Sarda Arts, Commerce & Science College, Anjangaon Surji
21 MR  Yogesh  Suresh  Nirmal
Degree College of Physical Education, H.V.P.Mandal, Amravati
22 MR  Surendra  Tulshiramsingh  Chauhan
Arts and Science College Kamargaon Dist Washim
23 Sugand E. Band
Shri Shivaji Science College, Amravati
24 DR  Nilima  Prakashrao  Mahore
Yuvashakti Arts and Science College Amravati